Liber runs many campaigns that support and protect the rights of vulnerable women and children. Including but not exclusively trafficking, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), refugees/asylum, child slavery, prostitution and forced marriage, torture, executions, prisoners of conscience and fetal homicide. Below are some examples of our past and present work. We run campaigns that we feel most need our support, specifically from a legal perspective. If you have a campaign that fits the above criteria and you strongly feel it should be brought to our attention then please contact us at:


In these troubled times, sadly Liber is busier than ever protecting the rights of refugees and asylum seekers - those fleeing war, genocide, persecution, torture etc. We have legally supported the cases of many women and child refugees. Providing them legal representation to ensure they are safely granted asylum in the UK. And providing them with ongoing, long-term support. If you know of someone in a crisis situation, who needs our help contact us immediately at:

Torture and Execution

Liber works with expert legal teams and translators in times of extreme crisis. We use intelligence contacts to locate prisoners we know have been unlawfully arrested and held, tortured and/or face execution. One example of our work in this field is for a group of Sahrawi protesters, who we discovered to be suffering from torture in a Moroccan prison. They faced imminent execution. Liber teams worked 24/7 on securing their release. If you, or someone you know are in danger contact : +44 (0) 7856703882 or email

Forced Marriage and Honour Violence

Liber actively campaigns for the abolishment of child and forced marriage, across the globe. We strive to ensure that legal convictions of the perpetrators are upheld. Liber works with trafficking, aid and intelligence agencies to help prevent and track abductions of children and women at risk of forced marriages, honour killings and acts of retribution; such as acid attacks.

If you, or someone you know is at risk, or in immediate danger, contact us immediately so that we can act in time. We understand the very dangerous and sensitive nature of this issue and informants will be protected.

Email: Tel: +44 (0) 7856703882


+44 (0) 7856703882 

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